A Family Affair

Lady Kelly MacVean and her daughter, Chef Kirstie Wohlfeil, are both lifelong pursuers and connoisseurs of epicurean food and drink, earning degrees and experience internationally throughout the years. Together, they opened The Confection Cottage share their passion and expertise with the public. Kirstie combines her talents as executive pastry chef with Lady Kelly’s tea master knowledge to serve The Confection Cottage customers.

Since she was four years old, Chef Kirstie has loved baking. She worked part time at a world-renowned bakery through high school and college, in addition to working as a baker at a wedding cake business. She went on to graduate top in her class from the New England Culinary Institute, where she received the Baker of the Year Award. After graduation, Chef Kirstie worked at The Green Boundary Club, Aiken; The Willcox, Aiken; and The Old Edwards Inn, Highlands, North Carolina, gaining a varied experience of providing fine dining.

Lady Kelly’s experience with tea began as a child, fondly remembering her mother relax with a daily cup. When living in England for three years, she expanded her experience by visiting and researching hundreds of tea rooms to fully absorb the culture. She has earned international tea master certifications from the U.K. Tea Council, International Tea Education  Institute and the International Tea Master Association. She is also a certified tea hostess, specializing in various tea ceremonies.

Cameron MacVean joined his mother and sister for the opening of The Confection Cottage to bring customers fresh-baked bread every morning. Cameron is a self-educated artisan bread baker, who also creates our delicious cookies and scones.

Our Team

At The Confection Cottage we have a highly trained team of creative people.  We strive for excellent customer service and products.

Summer McGowan is our baker. Summer is responsible for baking items such as cupcakes, tortes, cake pops, pies, and other baked goods.

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Lady Kelly and her husband loved their time in England so much, they purchased property in the Scottish Highlands, establishing their titles as “lady” and “laird.”

Interested in learning about becoming a Tea Master? 

Lady Kelly recommends the International Tea Education Institute for Gold Standard education and training in the Tea field. Use code “Confection” to receive 10% off.

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